Role and Our strengths

  • Flexible fabrication services from small pipe spools up to 5,000MT class offshore platforms
  • Wide range of business areas from offshore platform and module construction to onshore plant & factory construction
  • Proven track record from numerous clients in the Gulf of Thailand achieved through the construction of more than 170 Wellhead Platforms, 6,300 km overall welding length, 2,550 km of electrical and instrumental cable, and 2 million DB of piping works including pre-commissioning and commissioning works
  • Provision of services for existing facilities to enhance Clients production requirements, including modification and shutdown services at offshore platforms

Faciliites include: Large areas for assembly and construction of offshore structures, indoor fabrication shops, blast & painting shops, warehouses, material storage areas and offices. Available space: 342,500 m2 (with the potential for expansion up to 400,000 m2)

The yard is equipped with a loadout jetty, 143m wide and with a capacity of up to 7,500MT. Loadout can be performed either by utilizing SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transportor) or by traditional lifting methods using heavy lift crawler cranes.

High performance cutting work using semi-auto cutting machine with extensive experience for all steel shape ( Plates / Pipes / Beams). Two major cutting shops are equiped with CNC , HGG and band-saw cutting machines . A variety of marking and cutting tools are available

Large structural fabrication shop located inside the yard equiped with 2 units of 32/10T overhead cranes yields high productivity for pre-fabricated items which supports yard assembly work. This shop can be utilized to fabricate from small size members up to large panel pre-fabrication.

Extensive experience in the areas of offshore wellhead platform construction over several decades has enabled TNS to refine and streamline its processes, methodology and planning.

Fabrication works are highly accurate and follow international standards with precise quality control to produce high quality products for delivery to clients.