Hook-up & Commissioning

Hook-up & Commissioning  

As a pioneering, certified EPCIC in Thailand’s oil and gas industry, TNS continuously strives to establish its footprint in the worldwide oil and gas industry as the leader in offshore hook-ups, commissioning and start-up assistance services.

Committed, experienced multidisciplinary engineers and specialists, equipped with advanced construction and commissioning equipment and facilities, help TNS achieve the right formula in its growth and achieve great services to the oil and gas industry as a whole.  With a structured system-commissioning approach implemented in all controlled onshore and offshore developments for both greenfield and brownfield projects, methodical execution is always achievable.

Aspiring for global recognition, TNS commands extensive networks and experience in:

–   Work pack preparation
–    Hook-ups and tie-ins
–    Revamping, modification and upgrading of facilities
–    Deck strengthening & deck extension installation
–    Flow-line installation and testing
–    Provision of marine spread
–    Work for maintenance services
–    Pre-commissioning
–    Commissioning
–    Start-up assistance.

TNS also holds a Thai patent registered as Commissioning Completion Management System software (TNSCOM V1.O.1).

Equipped with a network and object-structured database management system connected with every TNS database from engineering, procurement, material control, fabrication QC control to Hook-up & Commissioning  in a hierarchical way, this commissioning tool ensures that all low-level components must be completed before a high-level structure or area is flagged to indicate completion, ready for commissioning and hand-over for a start-up status.


Offshore Hook-up & Commissioning Capability

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