• Extensive experience to deliver Projects on-time through implementation of sophisticated project management procedures, including;
  • Schedule and Resource planning with baselines using the latest ICT
  • Status Monitoring with advanced visualization methods for each phase of the project
  • Highly proficient Project Management team members who are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)
  • Detailed Project Status Reporting going beyond the requirements of most clients.

We are developing TNS Smart Factory way using the latest Information-Technology, including IoT, Drone and AI, to monitor / control all project status automatically to maximize efficiency.

Site coordination is also one of our major strengths. Workers, Site management and top management closely coordinate between their roles with two-way communication ensuring positive co-operation and team building.

For progress monitoring, the latest PRIMAVERA is used as the core software, not only to monitor the progress, but also to analyze the changes to the critical path and unforeseeable risks.

Continuous development / implementation of innovative software which can be improve the efficiency of our project management, such as "iMap" which shows the latest status data of projects in one yard map.